How We Make Logo

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To design the perfect logo for you, we want to get inside

your head. We want to find out what you like and what

you don’t (please don’t make us blush). What colours do

you love? Which do you hate? What image do you want

to portray – conservative, contemporary, funky, friendly?

Would you prefer a text-based logo, one that’s illustrative

or an icon? Once we understand you, we’ll work on some

different concepts. The more time we spend on this, the

more ideas we’ll come up with. We work quickly, but it all

depends on your budget – pigeon or walrus?



You may think one of the concepts is just perfect as it is. Great! You may see something

you like, but just needs tweaking here and there. We’ll put all our expertise into

designing a logo that we hope you’ll love. Long before you’ll see it, your designer will

probably have moved bits left, up, down and round the corner. We’d encourage you

not to feel like you’ve got to change something, just for the sake of it. But, hey, we’re

happy to make as many iterations as you want to pay for. If nothing floats your boat,

occasionally we’ll need to trundle back to the drawing board.



You’re going to use your new logo everywhere, so it’s

important to get it right. Once you’re delighted with it, we

can make your logo available for use electronically. We

recommend you print it on every scrap of paper that leaves your

building. The more you use it, the more people see it and the

more people remember it. Walk into a fast food chain and look

where they stick their logo – napkins, bags, cups, straws,

placemats – everywhere! How hard will you work your logo?



Giving your marketing a consistent look and feel is just

as important as your logo. This helps customers familiarize

themselves with your brand and instantly recognize that

the message is from you. We’ll help develop a coherent

look and feel in everything we do for you. Having your

stationery, brochures, business cards and folders all working

in concert means you’re presented in the most professional light.

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